know little about Indonesia

Dental is the most populous country of the five in the world. The country has 17,508 islands, although only 6000 of these islands are uninhabited.

Size total area of Indonesia is approximately 767,777 square miles. Population of around 200 million people and consists of 300 ethnic groups which have an estimated 583 languages and dialects.

Among these islands, the island of Sumatra is one of the most important islands. Bukit Barisan mountain range is stretched to the west of this island. These mountains have about 93 volcanic mountains that 15 of them still active.


Sumatra Island is also rich in its animal life. It is estimated there are about 176 species of mammals, 62 kinds of amphibious animals and 150 species of birds that live in this island, make this island as a natural gift of luxury.

Some of the Indonesia island of Borneo in Malaysia belongs. Tourism object here is not yet very developed so that this island has not become one of the favorite places foreign tourists.

Irian Jaya in eastern Indonesia is a province that is still rarely visited in Indonesia. This region is the West side of the island of New Guinea and occupies half of the island.

IndonesiaKeadaan weather was quite cool and in many places in this country caused Indonesia fairly good for the tourists who visit. Tourists who visited Indonesia from various places in the world always find the weather in Indonesia suitable for them.

With this new law in Indonesia which recognizes religious freedom, in Indonesia there is a mixture of different religions and different faiths such as Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. 87% of the population Muslim Indonesia.

Indonesian population consists of many tribes, such as the Balinese, Javanese, Dayak tribes and so on. Every tribe in Indonesia have a traditional culture and customs of their own. Each tribe has festivals and rituals are different in each year and celebrate the things that attracts visitors from around the world.

The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian but there are many dialects in places are different in Indonesia. English is a foreign language is best known in Indonesia.

Many things that are unique in lifestyle and habits of the Indonesian people, like standing with hands on hips in Indonesia is still considered impolite. Better not show aggressive behavior when communicating with people of Indonesia.

A guest is always waiting for an invitation from the host before starting to drink or eat. Before entering the temple or temple worship places have to wear cloth that covers the waist to the knee. Something with the finger pointing is impolite act likewise pointed to something with legs.

Receive or give with the left hand is considered impolite to eat as well as with the left hand because the left hand is considered part of a not so clean. For anyone who visited Indonesia for the first time would surely fascinated with the Indonesian culture and art of diverse and unique