Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dreamland beach

Dreamland beach ... carpet of white sand and towering cliffs as if we are truly in a dream, a very suitable location for water sports, surf, boogie surf .. Route mandatory after GWK located within the golf complex Pecatu elite n resort, so mo go here are some posts that should be on guard lewatin .. here a few times it seemed like a dream, but it was somewhat reduced dremland beauty of itself, cottage2 with thatched roofs that used to adorn this beach at Papas suidah out by not know who, now there ato hotel development project what really disturbing scene there, trus security passes (grandfather security project) asked me "do not wear a big camera? large cameras had to pay first" I Mmmmhhh Indonesia.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home of a pilgrimage temple, the Pura Tanah Lot (literally "Tanah Lot temple") and a popular tourist and cultural icon for photography and general exoticism.

Tanah Lot means "Land [sic: in the] Sea" in Balinese language [2] Located in Tabanan, about 20 km from Denpasar, the temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide.

Tanah Lot is claimed to be the work of the 15th century priest Nirartha. During his travels along the south coast he saw the rock-island's beautiful setting and rested there. Some fishermen saw him, and bought him gifts. Nirartha then spent the night on the little island. Later he spoke to the fishermen and told them to build a shrine on the rock for he felt it to be a holy place to worship the Balinese sea gods.
The Tanah Lot temple was built and has been a part of Balinese mythology for centuries. The temple is one of seven sea temples around the Balinese coast. Each of the sea temples were established within eyesight of the next to form a chain along the south-western coast.At the base of the rocky island, poisonous sea snakes are believed to guard the temple fro m evil spirits and intruders. A giant snake purportedly protects the temple, which was created from Nirata’s scarf when he established the island.
In 1980 the temple’s rock face was starting to crumble and the area around and inside the temple started to become dangerous.. The Japanese government then provided a loan to the Indonesia government of Rp 800 billion (approximately USD $130 million to conserve the historic temple and other significant locations around Bali. As a result, over one third of Tanah Lot's "rock" is actually cunningly disguised artificial rock created during the Japanese-funded and supervised renovation and stabilization program.

The area leading to Tanah Lot is highly commercialized and people are required to pay to enter the area. To reach the temple, visitors must walk through a carefully planned set of Balinese market-format souvenir shops which cover each side of the path down to the sea. On the mainland cliff tops, restaurants have also been provided for tourists.


Galery Photo Tanah Lot


Kintamani, which is located in Bangli regency, is one of the favorite tourist attractions tourist options both domestic and abroad.

Generally, in almost any travel agent or tour operator in Bali, Kintamani included in the itinerary (travel route) after visiting the Batu Bulan (Tari Barong), tourist areas or Sukawati, Ubud as a shopping center.

Kintamani offers a fresh atmosphere in the hills surrounding air temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, much like air in Bedugul. The main attraction of the area is the view of Mount Kintamani and Lake Batur. Mount Batur is a mountain that is still an active status and the second highest after Mount Agung at Besakih. The atmosphere is best when the lunch meal while enjoying the beauty of this mountain lake and the belching smoke friendly.

Interested to know more about Kintamani? Sempatkan also yourself to visit Trunyan village near the lake. But you have to cross by boat to get there by traveling approximately 20 minutes. Interesting and unique is the way the funeral of local residents who would differ from the prevalence in Bali. The corpse was propped on a tree without buried. But the issue is not unique body odor because ternetralkan by wood fragrance called incense.

Unique is not it? If interested, why not include alternative Kintamani tourism in your vacation? Congratulations on vacation in Bali.

Tanjung Benoa

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Tanjung Benoa, neighboring located in Nusa Dua tourism area, it has a unique charm.
In the middle of the calm sea on this coast, it was a blessing.

Location Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa on the southeast corner of Bali and neighboring islands in Nusa Dua area. Can be completed within 35 minutes from Kuta, 40 minutes from Sanur and 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport.

Tanjung Benoa Watersport

Tanjung Benoa be a very suitable place for Watersport activities or water sports. Beaches in this area is very quiet unlike in Kuta, Sanur or Uluwatu so menjandikan this area as the only place for fun games are.

Water sports can be enjoyed here include a Jetski, parasailing, banana boat, scuba diving, snorkeling, Glassbottom plus a visit to Turtle Island (turtle island) and Flying Fish.

Activity usually begins in the morning around 8 to 12 an hour, because after that the water will recede and you can not enjoy games anymore because it can not be used boatnya.

Instructors with a reliable, will give a guarantee your safety and comfort while enjoying the game here.
What's inside: Watersport, is a water tour packages offered reply to the tourists in Bali vacationer with a shot in the area near Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua tourist area. White sandy beach with calm waves and no currents, making Tanjung Benoa is the only place for this water sport. All games are here safe and you get insurance in case the things are not desired. There are several games offered here such as:

  • Golf courses, you'll use an umbrella and a parachute pulled by a speed boat mengeliling Tanjung Benoa beach. So just like parachute real. When the game is one round of approximately 4 minutes in the air. Height the rope connecting the parachute to the speed boat approximately 80 meters.
  • Jetski, driving a vehicle on the beach like a motorcycle. Jetski here you can not drive themselves, must be accompanied by an instructor, because the beach there is a lot of boats and other Watersport activities. The instructor will only drive from the beach toward the middle of the sea, well until you turn there are driving, the instructor luggage rack. When the game is 15 minutes. If you want exciting ride, try the actions of waves imaginable .. then you will feel the sensation of driving pleasure of this Jetski.
  • Banana Boat, using a single raft, you will be attracted by speed boat around the coast within 15 minutes. Banana boat load capacity is a maximum of 4 people and 1 person as a co-instructor. You can get into the water during diceburin boat running, or if you do not want to get wet .. yg normal. If it's less fun to play without nyebur banana boat.
  • Flying Fish (Fish fly), this most recent game in Bali. 3 fruit banana boat put together with additional rubber boat across the front and some sort of right next to the left wing. Flying Fish is played by 3 people maximum, ie 2 passengers on the left and right side 1 of instructors in the middle. Position you can stand as riding a motorcycle or sleep on her back. Flying Fish will be attracted by speed boat with a high-speed downwind path. Thus, a flying fish would fly over the water about 2 meters or more depending on wind speeds. Just like a kite. For high-challenge, do not miss to try this game.
  • Snorkeling, swimming with the underwater sights. The main requirements you must know how to swim. By using a mask and fins, you will see ornamental fish and coral reefs imaginable while swimming.
  • Scuba Diving, Better than just snorkeling. You will be given complete diving equipment, ranging from clothing, etc. oxygen tank. Diving not be able to swim, you better reply ill be swimming, because it's easier. A tourist will be accompanied by an instructor in the water, so do not worry. Previously, you will be brief once you know about the ways terkenal dive. The depth for beginners ranging between 3 meters - 7 meters in water for 40 minutes. Carrying bread for fish food, you will see the beauty under the sea scene filled with beautiful coral reefs and fish wrote colorful colorful ornamental.
  • Glass Bottom Boat plus Turtle Island (Turtle Island), is the most suitable tour if you ask your child's reply is still small. With the boat up the reply in a clear glass bottom, you will be invited to sail see below sea aquarium located at Tanjung Benoa beach. As he threw the bread out of the boat, the fish will rise and chase the food. And hundreds of colorful fish. Likewise, the scenery beautiful sea corals. Once satisfied, the boat would slide into Turtle Island (Turle Island) to see the location PENYU captivity, animals are quite rare yg existence. Here you'll see a sea turtle eggs dikeram reply, then the turtle-come small, young turtles to adult turtles are ready reply to the parent. Type of turtle is not only one, but there are several types. In addition, in this location there are also other animals such as birds, bats, snakes, etc. very tame reply, so can you hold for this diphoto.Permainan for about 1 hour.
  • Roling Donut, you're sitting in a donut-shaped boat and towed by a speedboat.
  • Wakeboard
  • Waterski

Tourism Places of Interest in Bali

As a tourist destination, Bali has several tourist attractions that can be a choice vacation. The following brief information about the great sights and interesting in the island of the gods.
  • Nusa Dua - Tanjung Benoa
  • Kintamani
  • Dreamland Beach
  • Road Celuk Karangasem - Singaraja
  • Pasar Seni Sukawati
  • Ubud
  • Uluwatu
  • Bedugul

know little about Indonesia

Dental is the most populous country of the five in the world. The country has 17,508 islands, although only 6000 of these islands are uninhabited.

Size total area of Indonesia is approximately 767,777 square miles. Population of around 200 million people and consists of 300 ethnic groups which have an estimated 583 languages and dialects.

Among these islands, the island of Sumatra is one of the most important islands. Bukit Barisan mountain range is stretched to the west of this island. These mountains have about 93 volcanic mountains that 15 of them still active.

Sumatra Island is also rich in its animal life. It is estimated there are about 176 species of mammals, 62 kinds of amphibious animals and 150 species of birds that live in this island, make this island as a natural gift of luxury.

Some of the Indonesia island of Borneo in Malaysia belongs. Tourism object here is not yet very developed so that this island has not become one of the favorite places foreign tourists.

Irian Jaya in eastern Indonesia is a province that is still rarely visited in Indonesia. This region is the West side of the island of New Guinea and occupies half of the island.

IndonesiaKeadaan weather was quite cool and in many places in this country caused Indonesia fairly good for the tourists who visit. Tourists who visited Indonesia from various places in the world always find the weather in Indonesia suitable for them.

With this new law in Indonesia which recognizes religious freedom, in Indonesia there is a mixture of different religions and different faiths such as Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. 87% of the population Muslim Indonesia.

Indonesian population consists of many tribes, such as the Balinese, Javanese, Dayak tribes and so on. Every tribe in Indonesia have a traditional culture and customs of their own. Each tribe has festivals and rituals are different in each year and celebrate the things that attracts visitors from around the world.

The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian but there are many dialects in places are different in Indonesia. English is a foreign language is best known in Indonesia.

Many things that are unique in lifestyle and habits of the Indonesian people, like standing with hands on hips in Indonesia is still considered impolite. Better not show aggressive behavior when communicating with people of Indonesia.

A guest is always waiting for an invitation from the host before starting to drink or eat. Before entering the temple or temple worship places have to wear cloth that covers the waist to the knee. Something with the finger pointing is impolite act likewise pointed to something with legs.

Receive or give with the left hand is considered impolite to eat as well as with the left hand because the left hand is considered part of a not so clean.

For anyone who visited Indonesia for the first time would surely fascinated with the Indonesian culture and art of diverse and unique.